Alpari offers owners of pro.ecn accounts to fine tune order execution

Following the introduction of pro.ecn.mt4 accounts in collaboration with AMTS Solutions’ head Dmitry Rannev in the summer of 2015, retail Forex broker Alpari now offers to owners of such accounts to fine tune order execution settings.

This way, traders can adjust their trading according to their own requirements.

Traders can now adjust the following settings:

  • Partial Limit Orders Execution;
  • Market Execution of Limit Orders;
  • Algorithm Setting for the Execution and Cancellation of Orders when they Fall into a Price Gap;
  • Market and Stop Order Execution with Limited Slippage;
  • Stop Order Activation for Asymmetrical Price;
  • Record of Slippage Size in the Order Comment.

The broker notes that it is reducing the minimum deposit for pro.ecn.mt4 accounts from $5,000 to $500 until the end of the year, thus making the new account type available to a wider clientele.

You can view the announcement from Alpari by clicking here.

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