Limina and ULLINK to offer connectivity to small and medium-sized funds

Limina, supplier of an all-in-one solution for hedge funds, mutual funds and service providers, just announced that it has partnered with ULLINK, the global provider of connectivity and electronic trading solutions, to offer its clients FIX connectivity to brokers as a service through ULLINK’s NYFIX Marketplace international trading network.

Limina’s Captron solution consists of six modules covering order management, portfolio management and risk management. It leverages modern technologies, with ease of use, automation and streamlining of processes key features of the solution. Captron was designed from the outset as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering, with Limina handling all maintenance, backups and version upgrades. The highly secure and reliable solution is available on a subscription basis and is targeted at small and medium-sized funds.

Broker-independent and vendor agnostic, ULLINK’s NYFIX Marketplace client connectivity service leverages a growing network of partners to fulfil its twin-track development strategy of global expansion and regional proximity. Partners include traditional as well as SaaS/cloud-based providers of systems for the buy- and sell-sides.

Two of Limina’s six existing clients have already decided to adopt the NYFIX connection to their brokers and are expected to go live on the network by early Q2 2018.

Limina is the latest firm to join ULLINK’s GAP – Global Alliance Programme, the umbrella under which the company manages all partner relationships globally, enabling clients to leverage a highly integrated network of providers.

Our aim is to satisfy the needs of small to medium-sized funds which aren’t currently well served in terms of order management or portfolio management systems or SaaS-based solutions,” said Jamie Mclennon, Business Development Manager at Limina. “We cover cross assets and cross strategies and can manage anything from simple to complex hedge funds and mutual funds. We were impressed with the speed of NYFIX and the ease of onboarding clients to the network. The partnership with ULLINK will allow us to onboard our clients more smoothly and offer them greater access to brokers with more security.

The majority of funds now understand the importance of having connectivity to multiple brokers and that this is easier through a network such as NYFIX,” added Jamie Mclennon, Business Development Manager at Limina. “Our clients also understand that by leveraging a third-party provider like ULLINK to manage connectivity, it allows us to concentrate on them.

With NYFIX we are building a community of buy-side OMS providers, both traditional and SaaS/cloud-based, who are reaching out for connectivity to an agnostic vendor,” concluded Philippe Carré, Global Head of Business Development at ULLINK. “We don’t have our own buy-side tools and don’t compete with our partners, and it is in our interests to make sure all connections are established quickly and that the system is robust. A key tenet of our strategy is to create a global connectivity utility for trading and post-trade services.

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