FIA launches FIA Training for industry professionals

FIA announced the launch of FIA Training this week, a program of learning tools that cover important topics like market conduct and compliance.

Developed by industry professionals for industry professionals, FIA Training courses help educate traders, senior managers, analysts and programmers as well as sales, client services, operations and other team members.

A key component of FIA’s mission is enhancing the integrity of the financial system and promoting high standards of professional conduct,” said Walt Lukken, President and CEO of FIA. “FIA Training provides industry-standardized training that can help employees become better, more informed, and more engaged market participants. And FIA Training can help our industry better meet their regulatory obligations.

Current online courses include:

Market Conduct Fundamentals – This course provides a high-level overview of prohibited and disruptive practices and exchange requirements in the futures and options industry. It covers:

  • Wash trades
  • Spoofing
  • Front Running
  • Corners & Squeezes
  • Marking or Banging the Close
  • Misleading Statements & Rumors
  • Insider Trading

Rules & Regulatory Guidance for CME Group Markets –This course has been produced jointly by FIA and the CME Group to help market users understand and comply with some of the most important trade practice rules of the CME Group U.S. Exchanges. Topics include:

  • Wash Trades
  • Pre-arranged and Pre-negotiated Trades
  • Disruptive Practices
  • Block Trades
  • EFRPs

Exchange Trading & Regulatory Fundamentals for Electronic Traders, specifically:

  • Getting ready to trade
  • Central Limit Order Book trading
  • Key exchange trading rules
  • Non-Central Limit Order Book trading including: Block trades and Exchange for Related Positions

Rules & Regulatory Guidance for ICE Futures U.S. – This course has been produced jointly by FIA and ICE Futures U.S. to help market users understand and comply with rules specific to the exchange. Topics include:

  • Disruptive trading practices
  • Wash trades
  • Prearranged trades
  • Block trades
  • Exchange for Related Positions

FIA Training offers multiple options for either individuals or companies to purchase and access the courses. FIA members enjoy discounted rates and volume discounts available for bulk purchases.

Further training modules will be rolled out in the coming months.

FIA launches FIA Training for industry professionals

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