INTL FCStone Financial launches Canadian equity trading platform

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INTL FCStone Inc. (NASDAQ: INTL) has announced earlier this week that the Broker-Dealer Division of its wholly owned subsidiary, INTL FCStone Financial Inc., released a new interactive Canadian equity trading platform called Maple Live.

The company’s Canadian subsidiary, INTL FCStone Financial (Canada) Inc. has recently become a member in the category of futures commission merchant of the Investment Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC).

The Maple Live platform will allow U.S. clients to visualize in real time how they source liquidity intelligently for Canadian equities in multiple markets and venues, including INTL’s  pool of natural liquidity.

Thomas Moore, Managing Director and Head of Principal Electronic Equities, commented on today’s news:

We’re thrilled to deliver Maple Live and illustrate our new cross-border execution solutions and execution analysis tools. Our U.S. and Canadian based development teams collaborated with our traders and clients to enhance liquidity opportunities and improve the execution experience.

Jacob Rappaport, Managing Director and Head of Equities at INTL FCStone Financial concluded:

Pairing Maple Live’s cutting-edge technology with the leading destination for foreign execution OTC has been very exciting. Placing Maple Live in the hands of our clients allows for better feedback to our Quantitative Solutions team and creates a better TCA platform, one designed specifically for each user.

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