AlgoTrader upgrades its trading and execution platform

AlgoTrader upgrades its trading and execution platform

The Swiss based company AlgoTrader has announced yesterday that it has upgraded its trading platform to its newest 5.0 version. LeapRate reminds that 4.0 version was launched two years ago.

The key enhancements and additions include:

Order Execution


Clients can now submit orders into AlgoTrader using a standard FIX protocol.

Additional adapter related features:

  • Crypto-adapter order reconciliation on WebSocket reconnect
  • Handling of crypto Fees
  • Support for crypto withdrawals & deposit address query
  • Encryption of API keys
  • New adapters

Strategy Development

AlgoTrader 5.0 now allows clients to automatically rebalance their crypto holdings between multiple exchanges. It is now even possible to subscribe for account and deposit events within strategies. In addition, clients are now able to store custom properties on most of the entities used in the AlgoTrader platform.

AlgoTrader now supports live trading strategies written entirely in Python as an alternative to using Java.

AlgoTrader UI

AlgoTrader 5.0 now comes with a brand-new reference data manager and historical data manager based on Vaadin. Both managers are visible as separate perspectives in the UI.

Additional features included in AlgoTrader 5.0:

  • Spring profile validation on startup to simplify system configuration
  • All UI Entities have been migrated to TypeScript
  • All 3rd party libraries have been upgraded to the latest version

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