FX Large and BrokerSourcing.com announce content partnership

BrokerSourcing.com Limited of London announced they’ve contracted with FX Large, also of London, to provide ongoing and fixed content for its value added VPS service to retail brokers.

FX Large will be providing market commentaries, videos, and webinar content for BrokerSourcing.

Tim Blanchard, Managing Director of BrokerSourcing.com said, “our aim is not just to provide the same run-of -the-mill VPS for retail brokers. Our fully customizable, web-based service, as a white label, is a unique proposition including built-in indicators, trading strategies and, of course, education and content. In this area, FX Large fits in perfectly with our model.”

Brad Alexander, CEO of FX Large says, “Tim’s offering is a route to market, to which we would not normally have access, so we are looking forward to a long steady relationship. “Content is King”, as they say, and retail brokers and educators have been clambering for fresh, professional offerings for their clients.”

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FX Large and BrokerSourcing.com announce content partnership


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