Leverate sets up new private data center at Equinix London

Broker technology and platform solutions provider Leverate has just announced that it has expanded its resources with new private servers within the Equinix Data Center located in London. Leverate provides its customers with nearly zero downtime, reduced latency, increased execution speed, and fast, constantly available feed.

Dell EMC & VSAN Hyper Converge

With the Hyper-Converge method, the company no longer needs external storage – instead, the servers will be equipped with high-performance SSD-based local drives, and all servers will be connected in a cluster to a 40Gbps switch, with all the inputs on the switch being 40Gbps.

VMware’s vSphere virtualization system is installed on the servers, and VSAN licenses were purchased for the vSphere system to manage the drives as software-defined storage, which is an integral part of the vSphere embedded within the Kernel. Therefore, the Hypervisor system and the storage are in fact one entity in a single system that is familiar with the working environment firsthand.

Project design was done with full consideration of the trading world, in cooperation with DELL consultants and designers, and with comprehensive testing by VMware Israel specialists and TEAM integrators, to
ensure survivability, availability and high performance.

Since the trading systems cannot tolerate latency, both at the CPU level and at the ‘networking and write/read on disk’ level, Leverate brings powerful performance to the world of Forex trading: powerful DELL FX Series servers with 40 Gbps network cards, a large number of processors and a great amount of RAM, and different SSD drives for capacity and for cache located on the servers themselves, with high survivability and very high performance, 10 times higher than current capabilities.

Backup & Restore

Leverate is offering a powerful and easy-to-use Backup & Restore solution. It provides fast, flexible and reliable recovery of applications and virtual data, bringing VM Backup & Replication together into one software solution.

Microsoft Gold Partner

Leverate has been a Gold Partner in the Microsoft development world for seven years. The close cooperation with Microsoft brings the company to a very high level of development in the dot.net world, with a strong support of Microsoft consultants, designers and technicians.

In compliance with regulative needs, in the last 5 years Leverate has been holding an ISAE 3402 international compliance certification that guarantees all the advantages and features our customers need.

Shlomi Azoulay

Shlomi Azoulay, CISO & IT Manager at Leverate:

We at Leverate always aim to be at the forefront in terms of performance, stability and security, and we are positive that this new technology will provide our clients with the best environment possible.

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