Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point adds alternative data

Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point adds alternative data

New alternative datasets are available as of today through Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point’s data website, Bloomberg just informed.

This step allows Data License clients to easily access and incorporate new, non-traditional forms of high-quality data from Bloomberg and alternative data providers including Thasos, Apptopia, TipRanks, PredictWallStreet, RS Metrics, Orbital Insight, OWL Analytics, Predata, Evaluate, 280First and Symphony Pharma.

Our clients are looking to integrate alternative data into their investment process. As Bloomberg is a leading source of reference and pricing data, the integration of alternative data into the same Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point and Hypermedia API is compelling,” said Gerard Francis, Global Head of Enterprise Data at Bloomberg. “We make it easier for our clients to contract, ingest, test and normalize their alternative data. Firms can come to one destination for data that can meaningfully inform investment strategy.

Currently, Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point features more than 20 alternative datasets with plans to add many more over the next year.

Asset managers and quant investors are constantly seeking new data streams to analyze and assess as they aim to generate alpha for their clients,” commented Matthew Rawlings, Chief Data Officer for Enterprise Data at Bloomberg. “Alternative data vendors offering their data through Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point can meet growing client interest while removing any existing procurement-driven friction. From there, clients can integrate the data confidently and efficiently into their models.

Geolocation data is important intelligence for firms that invest in publicly traded assets, but it also provides insight into broader consumer and economic trends, from retail and restaurant activity to loading docks and assembly lines. Bloomberg’s commitment to providing meaningful investment data to financial services firms drove our decision to offer our MallStreams through Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point,” pointed out Greg Skibiski, Founder and CEO of Thasos.

For the financial markets, Apptopia is only one piece of the puzzle. We chose to work with Bloomberg because it is the best at stitching together different datasets into one cohesive story for investors,” added Eliran Sapir, co-founder and chief executive of Apptopia.

Influencers wield significant power in the financial markets, the sentiment of these influencers and their impact on investors can be a key element for numerous investment strategies. We’re working with Bloomberg because the reach of Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point will help bring our data to leading investors,” concluded Uri Gruenbaum, CEO and Co-Founder of TipRanks.

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Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point adds alternative data


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