ATFX UK launches Spread Betting on its MT4 platform

ATFX shares market outlook for Q2 2020

Online trading broker ATFX (UK) has just announced that it has expanded its product offering in the UK to include Spread Betting.

The Spread Betting account will give clients access to financial instruments covering FX, Indices and Commodities. ATFX will now be offering Spread Betting demo and live accounts on the MT4 platform.

Marcos Tigsilema, ATFX (UK)

Marcos Tigsilema, Commercial Director

Marcos Tigsilema, Commercial Director of ATFX (UK) stated that:

Spread betting is tax-free, there are no taxes on your betting profits either on capital gains or stamp duty. However, tax laws are subject to change and depend on individual circumstances.

Spread betting allows you to take a position in rising or falling markets without acquiring the underlying asset. As a responsible broker, we would remind traders that any losses from spread betting cannot be claimed as tax relief against other income.

Spread betting with ATFX includes:

  • No capital gains tax or UK stamp duty*
  • Competitive spreads from 0.6 pips
  • Traders looking to diversify their portfolios with FX, indices and commodities
  • Zero commissions
  • Spread Bet with a small investment using leverage
  • Spread Bet on rising markets (going long) as well as falling markets (going short)

ATFX has recently launched its first affiliate programme, aimed at increasing its client base across Europe. The company is gearing up to expand its client capacity and providing marketing tools to assist affiliates in the process.

* UK Tax laws are subject to change and depend on individual circumstances. Please seek independent financial advice as tax law may differ in a jurisdiction other than the UK. Spread betting is only available in the UK.

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