TAIFEX adds GBP and AUD futures to FX product portfolio

The Taiwan Futures Exchange (TAIFEX) announced that it has just launched two new FX futures contracts – GBP/USD Futures and AUD/USD Futures.

The addition of the two new futures contracts is the next step in TAIFEX’ strategy to rapidly expand its FX product line, which it began building in 2015 with the introduction of RMB FX Futures, followed by the introduction of RMB FX Options, EUR/USD Futures and USD/JPY Futures in 2016.

Dr. Len-Yu Liu, Chairman of TAIFEX said:

With Taiwan being one of the world’s most trade-connected economies, it is essential that TAIFEX continues to provide local investors and exporters, as well as foreign investors, with instruments to better hedge and manage their foreign currency exposure. The British pound and Australian dollar are the fourth and fifth most traded currencies in Taiwan’s FX market and the value of both have been quite volatile last year.

The contract sizes of the GBP/USD Futures and AUD/USD Futures are GBP 20,000 and AUD 25,000, respectively, and will trade from 8.45am to 4.15pm Taiwan local time during TAIFEX’ normal trading session and from 5.25pm to 5.00am during TAIFEX’ after-hour trading session.

Dr. Liu continued:

The relatively small contract sizes cater specially to SME companies who traditionally have relied on larger and more expensive OTC products. The small contract sizes also differentiate our FX futures from similar products offered by exchanges in the region.

TAIFEX also began the roll-out of a new Dynamic Price Banding Mechanism for selected products, starting with TAIEX Futures and Mini-TAIEX Futures (spot month contracts, next calendar month orders and calendar spread orders). The new trading mechanism will enhance the stability of market prices, while bringing the Taiwan futures markets in line with other global markets.

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