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  • HKEX announces securities for second phase of its closing auction


    Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) has announced the list of securities for Phase 2 of the Closing Auction Session (CAS) it will roll out in its securities market on Monday, 24 July 2017.

    CAS Phase 2 (Phase 2) will expand the list of CAS Securities to include constituents of the Hang Seng Composite SmallCap Index and allow regulated short-selling orders to be placed during the CAS at a price not lower than the CAS Reference Price. Further details of HKEX’s Phase 2 plan are available in the briefing pack available on the HKEX website.

    The list of CAS Securities for Phase 2, which will become effective on 24 July 2017, was posted in the Volatility Control Mechanism and Closing Auction Session (CAS) section of the HKEX website today.

    A revised process will be implemented on the Phase 2 launch date to add or delete stocks from list of CAS Securities when they are added to or removed from the respective indices. As a result, while new index stocks have been added to the list of CAS Securities all along, a number of stocks removed from the relevant indices since Phase 1 launch will be removed from the list on 24 July 2017. The securities to be added to the list of CAS Securities and the securities to be removed from the list are shown in a circular issued today.

    Type of CAS Securities

    Phase 1

    Addition                          Deletion

    Phase 2
    Effective 24 July 2017)

    Addition                       Deletion

    1. Index constituent stocks*
    Upon effective date of the index change

    No deletions

    Same as
    Phase 1


    Upon effective date of the index change
    2. A/H stocks Upon an A/H listing or a listing that changes an A or H listing into an A/H listing
    Upon delisting of the H share Upon delisting of the H share or the corresponding A share
    3. ETFs Upon listing
    Upon delisting Same as
    Phase 1

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    HKEX announces securities for second phase of its closing auction


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