EEX doubles volume in agricultural products in February

In February 2017, the European Energy Exchange (EEX) reached a volume of 200.8 TWh on its power derivatives markets (February 2016: 300.3 TWh). In a shrinking overall market, EEX reached a volume of 22.1 TWh in Italy (previous year: 44.0 TWh) and 12.3 TWh in France (previous year: 32.6 TWh). Furthermore, 151.0 TWh were traded in the German market (previous year: 205.0 TWh).

The February volumes comprised 101.0 TWh registered at EEX for clearing. Clearing and settlement of all transactions was executed by European Commodity Clearing (ECC).

Emission Allowances

On the EEX Market for emission allowances, a total volume of 91.7 million tonnes of CO2 was traded in February which represents a year-on-year increase of 6% (February 2016: 86.4 million tonnes of CO2). In particular, this development was driven by the EUA Derivatives Market which increased by 14% to 20.7 million tonnes of CO2 (February 2016: 18.2 million tonnes of CO2). The primary market auctions contributed 69.0 million tonnes of CO2 to the total volume.

Agricultural Products

During the month, a total of 6,151 contracts was traded in agricultural products at EEX which means that the volume more than doubled compared to the previous year (February 2016: 2,911 contracts). On the derivatives market for processing potatoes, the volume increased by 149% to 4,395 contracts (equal to 109,875 tonnes) while the derivatives market for dairy products increased by 53% to 1,759 contracts (equal to 8,870 tonnes).

Global Commodities

At 3,140 contracts, EEX recorded the second-highest volume in freight futures which are available for clearing via ECC.

New Participants

In February, EEX admitted Api Nòva Energia S.r.l., Rome, as well as STX Services B.V., Amsterdam, as new trading participants. Furthermore, PVM Oil Futures Ltd., London, was recognised as new Non-Trading Broker.

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