Bodhi’s BOT token now tradable on Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange ShangYa

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Bodhi, the decentralized prediction market platform, has announced that its BOT token is now tradable on Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange ShangYa.

The listing will expand the vibrant Hong Kong cryptocurrency community’s access to BOT, which lets users create and trade on the outcome of finance, sports, politics, and other global events. In a separate announcement, Bodhi has established a strategic partnership with Singapore-based decentralized publishing platform U-Network to implement a sustainable pricing system for content generated by its users. The partnership will facilitate the broader use of Bodhi’s decentralized predictions platform, particularly in Asia.

Bodhi Founder Xiahong Lin said:

Bodhi is continuously seeking meaningful opportunities to further develop our platform and expand our user base. Our new collaborations with ShangYa and U-Network will enable us to welcome more crypto-enthusiasts onto our platform and further our mission of building a credible, global prediction market that better supports decision-making for enterprise and individuals alike.

ShangYa offers users a safe and convenient payment channel, and a stable and efficient digital trading system for about 50 major crypto assets including BTC, ETH, and LTC.

ShangYa CEO Wallace Zhang added:

Bodhi’s innovative solution addresses a growing demand in crypto markets for efficient and scalable means of trading on the prediction markets. Shangya is proud to introduce the BOT token to our broad base of sophisticated customers. Bodhi’s commitment to bringing unprecedented fairness to prediction markets perfectly aligns with our goal to offer customers an open and fair trading platform.

U-Network is a user-generated content platform that will use Bodhi’s decentralized prediction platform to create a robust pricing mechanism for valuing content. Bodhi will provide technical support for U-Network and its blockchain-based system will ensure content producers and participants are rewarded fairly for their contributions.

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