Police in London is now being trained to deal with Cryptocurrency Crimes

Regulations on cryptocurrencies are embracing the whole market, and it seems, another form of regulation is also looming over cryptocurrencies. ETH News just reported that London police is now being trained how to deal with crimes involving cryptocurrencies.

The new program is designed to educate officers on how to respond when there is a cryptocurrency crime. The department that trains the London police is The Economic Crime Academy and it is going to implement the new training program for local officers.

Interestingly, according to The Telegraph and ETH News, the course is developed because the London police reported that they do not feel ready to deal with crimes involving cryptocurrencies. While there have been numerous reports on cryptocurrency crimes involving money laundering and tax evasion, an official course had not been launched so far for training policemen.

As reported from ETH News, a representative from the department said:

“On successful completion of this course, participants will understand how to detect, seize and investigate the use of cryptocurrencies in an investigative context.”

The number one reason for such a course to be implemented in money laundering. Policemen need to be educated on how to best recognise any potential danger related to cryptocurrencies and money laundering.

The course is already in motion, though only in a pilot form for now. A second one will be initiated in August. The nature of the course, whether it will be obligatory or not to take it, is not clear at this stage.

In addition, governments are now recognizing that crime is taking different forms and shapes, especially with cryptocurrencies in the game. Not only that, but criminals seem to have ingenious ways of covering their illegal activities with a variety of economic tools.

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