Goldman Sachs onboards clients for a new Bitcoin derivatives product?

There has been a rumor that Goldman Sachs is currently onboarding a small pool of its clients to trade on Goldman’s Bitcoin derivatives platform. While the launch of the non-deliverable contracts platform has not been announced yet, the investment bank might be preparing all the details and technicalities behind its newest product.

Back in the summer of 2017, Goldman Sachs was reportedly thinking of launching a cryptocurrency trading desk. Back then, Bitcoinist reported that one of the bank’s executives commented on the rising Bitcoin “appetite”:

“It [Bitcoin] resonates with us when a client says they want to hold bitcoin or bitcoin futures because they think it is an alternate store of value.”

Goldman Sachs has not opened a crypto trading desk yet, and has denied it has plans to do so, saying that the market is still immature and not regulated enough for the bank to offer to its clients.

While the bank has not confirmed or denied the rumor, one thing is sure: Goldman Sachs has currently focused on developing custody solutions for its clients and further investing the Bitcoin derivatives market.

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