EOS with a universal wallet support with UAL

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The EOS system got a major upgrade last week, thanks to EOSIO Labs and Block.one. On Wednesday last week, the Universal Authenticator Library, or the so called UAL, was released, an application that provides users with one, unified access to all blockchain-based apps. What this means is that users will be able to use EOS apps with EOS wallets.

The dApps that EOS offers are many, but their disadvantage was the fact that any dApp may not actually support the user’s wallet in which he or she stores the EOS tokens. The old process involved many developers who program their app in such a way as to support various wallets. Now, thanks to UAL this process is alleviated, as the developers’ job will be to add several lines of codes in order to support some specific wallet.

On the user side, the process is also streamlined in a sense, since users will be able to see the compatible wallets if an app uses UAL.

As of recently, very few wallets of EOS were compatible with UAL. Some of the wallets that worked with UAL were: TokenPocket, Ledger, Lynx and Scatter Desktop.

The future, according to EOSIO, is the standardization of access to apps, as well as understanding and working to minimize the complexity of cryptocurrency wallets. In fact, crypto wallets do not only store digital coins, but also authenticate access to various blockchain apps. So, in order to create a better experience for the users and the developers, ease of access and security should be maximized at the same time.

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EOS with a universal wallet support with UAL


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