ICOBox sets out to disrupt venture capital

ICOBox, the provider of SaaS (software as a service) ICO technology, marketing, and legal solutions, announced that has launched a “blockchain jumpstarter” platform aimed at helping launch 800 ICOs in the first year of its operations, targeting $12 billion in total amount of funds collected.

ICOBox’s ICOS token is the first token to provide its holders access to all of its future presales with an average discount of 75 percent. So far, over 3,200 BTC (about $14 million) has been collected to cover the cost of launching these projects. The selection of projects to be given ICOBox’s tools will be conducted in two steps, with ICOBox pre-screening the applicant projects to ensure that they meet the established criteria, and ICOS token holders making the final selection by vote.

Token sales are rapidly replacing legacy methods of providing initial support for promising startups, and both startup founders and backers are increasingly adopting and embracing this alternative tool.

When we started ICOBox, we found that while many entrepreneurs have the resources and capital to launch a blockchain project, many others do not,” said Mike Raitsyn, co-founder of ICOBox. “There are countless entrepreneurs with compelling ideas to push the industry forward, and we feel it’s our duty as part of the blockchain community to help them by providing a platform to jumpstart their ideas.

The purpose of ICOBox’s ICOS token sale is to attract funds to help promising but underfunded new projects bring their innovations to life by utilizing the ICOBox toolkit, which includes a suite of offerings, including technological, legal, and marketing components. Startups will benefit from both the expert consultations by the ICOBox advisory team and readymade solutions of ICOBox’s ICOS platform, while market participants will benefit from early access to the selected projects’ ICOs with significant savings on their token sale purchase prices.

With its revolutionary approach, ICOBox is looking to democratize and stabilize the existing ICO new market, providing a reasonable “in” to non-blockchain businesses, and to minimize the risks for both the token holders and the prospective ICOs.

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