Cargill to track the origins of Thanksgiving Turkey via blockchain technology

Cargill, the American agricultural company, has decided to use the technology of blockchain to track the origins of Thanksgiving Turkey.

Blockchain has seen so many applications in so many industries and sectors, that it is not surprising at all to see that kind of innovation employed by a big US company.

The testing will be done on turkey from family farms. Cargill’s Honeysuckle White brand is to put the technology to allow their customers to trace exactly from where their turkey’s are coming from for Thanksgiving.

According to CryptoCoinsNews, at specific select markets, consumers can enter or text an on-package code at, according to Meat Poultry. Consumers can then view the farm’s location by state and county, read up on the farm’s story, see photos and read a message from the farmer.

This blockchain application in the food industry is very interesting, since it is the first one of this kind and obviously, Cargill is going the extra mile of providing its customers with confidence in their turkey choice and in the process of production it went through.

The idea of a “traceable turkey” may sound rather amusing, but in times when consumers are doubting the origin and quality of produce, especially meat (pork, chicken, veal etc), blockchain comes to the rescue.

For the time being, most blockchain applications in food and beverages come to the benefit of the producer, not so much for the consumer. However, Cargill is one of the first big US companies to embark on the “traceability” factor of food that goes on to prove quality and boost confidence for people.

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