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What is a qualified lead?

Nowadays, while working in a fully packed with advertisements online environment, it’s very difficult to recognize whether the person that enters his contact details on your landing page is aware of what he can accomplish, certainly you cannot be sure he will make a deposit in most of the cases.

In order to help our customers to improve their conversion rate and number of deposits we improved the generating lead process with qualification filter that gets rid from all the non relevant leads and improve the understanding and the brand awareness of the leads.

For each lead we call and check that all his contact details are correct, we verify that he understands and wants to receive a call from a sales person.

Benefits of pre-calling

  • Fully qualified contact details
  • All leads are over age and have free investment fund
  • Looking to open a trading account
  • The leads are waiting for your call
  • Better ROI and conversion rate for the campaign over any other channel

GCC Market

  • Forex and Binary Options trading make major inroads into GCC region
  • Forex and Binary Options trading are advancing rapidly in the GCC largely due to the rise of regional equity markets
  • Forex trading is also now looked at as an extremely viable form of investment
  • We have a huge local network of Arab websites which provides us fresh leads every day and a ultra-professional call center which qualifies the leads