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We help brands and investors reimagine how they can beat their competitors, make more money, be disruptive, and enter new markets, enabling them to grow faster with more certainty with Competitive Intelligence, Market Analysis, due diligence and background checking.

Answering the questions you need to ask

We answer great questions like, what are your competitors planning to do next? And where can you win more business? So, what should your next move be? And how do you minimise risk when entering new markets or making an investment? And most importantly, how can we increase revenue and profits?
How can we help you be more competitive?

Octopus has unrivaled experience in isolating problems. Then delivering answers and suggesting the best way forward. Also, our real world experience gives us the discipline and tenacity to get the job done. So, we have your back. We leave no rock unturned. So, you have the complete confidence that we will help you succeed in today’s market and increase business development opportunities and capabilities.