Divisa Capital
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14 King Street London, EC2V 8EA United Kingdom
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Divisa Capital is a trading name of Divisa UK Limited and its worldwide affiliates and subsidiaries (Divisa Group), with offices in the UK, USA, New Zealand and Armenia. Divisa enables B2B market participants to gain access to bespoke liquidity from the interbank market.

Divisa's liquidity is available via various trading platforms and API for clients with Margin trading accounts or credit line established by a top tier Prime Broker.

  • Divisa UK is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA No. 528328).
  • Divisa AM is regulated by the Central Bank of Armenia as financial broker (Licence No. 0011).
  • Divisa NZ is registered with the Financial Services Providers Register (FSP15201) and Financial Services Complaints LTD (FSCL).
  • Divisa US is a IT services provider that supports the Divisa Group's tech infrastructure and R&D needs.