The Leaprate Broker Awards


The Leaprate Broker Awards – the prestigious financial industry event voted for by you! Take a look through our various categories below and choose which of our nominees – whether a broker, platform or provider – is deserving of your vote.



Best Retail Broker


With 2020 bringing unusual levels of volatility to the financial world, it has been a hard year for trading. Covering everything from CFDs to Forex, the best retail broker award will showcase the broker that has offered the highest quality of service over this year. Voters should consider criteria such as diversity of choice and quality of performance when making their selections.


Best FX Trading Platform


A high-quality trading platform is integral to a successful trading experience. Covering every aspect from the number of analytical tools that are available to ease of use, this award allows voters to choose which platform they think has been the best in its field. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bespoke offering from a broker or something that’s a little more off the shelf. Voters can choose whichever platform has impressed them the most.


Best Liquidity Provider


There’s a lot to take into account when rating a liquidity provider. It’s not all about finding the lowest spreads that are on offer. Voters will need to look at the status of the provider, the provider’s availability and whether custom offers, tailored to voter requirements, are available. When all of these factors are taken into account, voters will be able to choose which liquidity provider has offered the best service over the course of the year.


Best Education Offering


With lots of new traders coming onto the market at the moment, a high-quality education service is vital. Too many individuals enter the trading world without being fully aware of what it entails. If a broker has a full education program in place, then it can make a world of difference to how successful a trader is. Interactive lessons, detailed videos and regular articles are all aspects that can make up a valuable educational offering. This award will allow voters to choose which broker offers the best educational materials within the financial market.


Best Affiliate Program


Affiliate programs are put in place to allow trading experts to earn money from the recommendations that they make. Broker affiliates make money from successful traders, so it makes sense to have the best quality affiliates in place. From all of the nominated affiliate programs, which will be voted the Leaprate Awards’ best?


Best Fintech


Shorthand for ‘financial technology’, there are a lot of different fintechs springing up at present. All of them are driving innovation forward in a number of different ways. The best fintech doesn’t necessarily have to be the most successful – it could also be the most innovative, or even the one that has the best chance of revolutionising the industry. But which fintech offers the highest quality service and will be judged the best overall?


How to Vote


Votes can be cast by following this link to our voting page. Once all of the votes have been collated, the winners will be announced and showcased on our site. Voting is simple and gives you the chance to share who you feel is deserving of a prestigious Leaprate broker award!