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Up to 90% of our Rebate rate goes back to you, once you choose to register with one of the Forex Brokers we accommodate, through our website. Your trading terms remain the same as if you had registered directly with the Broker's website.

We offer with a Direct Rebate or Discount system which means that your reward is applied or reflected directly to your Trading Account. This allows you to avoid money transfers, delays, and fees and thus to save time and money.


You receive the funds you earn from Rebates or Discounts according to the system supported by each brokerage, as follows;

  • Cashback Rebate added directly to your account with the Broker (your trading account) after every transaction closing or periodically (daily, weekly or monthly). This is either the largest part of our commission as a referrer or a direct reward we achieved for you, provided by the Forex Broker directly.
  • Commission Discount or Spread Reduction; applies for Brokers that offer discounts on the trading fees instead of offering a direct cash reward. Usually, this is the fastest compensation method, as with most Fx Brokers the discount is applied on every transaction.

Easily locate which reward method each broker is using and when the rebate is applied, on the Comparison Table. Compare Account Types and visit the Individual Review Page for each broker we accommodate to learn more details. In case your country or region is not listed on our website menu, please click on International Traders. If your country, region or nationality cannot be accepted by the broker, it will be stated in the review.


Offering up to 90% of our rebate back to the trader, makes it more beneficial for you to register through us, rather than with any other rebate service or than registering directly with the broker. Furthermore, we are the only rebate website that has selected their brokers using quality criteria and not according to who provides us with the best commissions.

Thus, by choosing to register a live account with a broker we accommodate, through our website you get the best of both worlds;

  1. You are referred only to reputable forex brokers that offer with a quality service and follow solid business practices
  2. You receive a Cashback Rebate or Discount that is up to 90% of our rebate revenue, which is the highest rate in the market
  3. You avoid delays and money transfer fees, as we offer a direct Rebate or Discount with most Fx Brokers



LeapRate’s Forex Yellow Pages is a one-of-a-kind online resource providing easy access to a variety of companies which provide services and products to the Forex industry – everything from retail and institutional Forex and CFD brokers, software providers, experts on regulation and licencing, trading platforms, data solutions and more.

Simply select the category or search the type of service you’re looking for. To advertise in the Forex Yellow Pages please contact us at [email protected] or fill in the form here.

The information provided in the Forex Yellow Pages is provided by the advertisers. LeapRate does not necessarily endorse or recommend any of the advertisers or the services or products which they may provide.


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