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Prime Intermarket Group Asia Pacific Ltd
Level 2 Transpacific Haus Lini Highway
Port Vila, Republic of Vanuatu
Vanuatu Financial Services Commission
cTrader, MetaTrader 4

We are not your average broker, after all, we’re pigs; we tell it like it is, we’re LOYAL, and of course, without sounding too full of ourselves, we’re pretty SMART as well.


FXPIG™ is different. Yeah, we know everyone says they are different, but seriously, we TRULY are DIFFERENT. Our core focus has, and always will be on our trading PARTNERS.

We do not sugarcoat what happens in the market, nor do we spend countless marketing dollars to cover up the not so elegant side of this business, we prefer to push that money into research and development of our trading environment, something that is constantly evolving. While we cannot promise perfection, things can and most often do happen, what we can promise is our implicit dedication to taking on each and every problem our PARTNERS face with the same veracity regardless of the size or scope of the issue.

The FX Market is hard enough to navigate on its own, and we know, from EXPERIENCE, that the last thing a trader needs is more red tape and vague and unsupported answers to their very poignant questions. FXPIG™ knows that while all traders want the best possible price, each and every trader needs a different set of tools to be successful. That is why we not only provide the highest caliber infrastructure but also work to make sure you can access this infrastructure on a budget.

Our slogan underscores the overall truth in our business model, the overall truth in why FXPIG™ has been able to grow inside a very difficult industry without reverting to the same unscrupulous tactics as its competitors; FXPIG™, Where Traders Come to Win.

Our Vision

We are here to attempt the lofty challenge of changing the market, changing the tide of brokers that simply use the terms DMA, ECN, STP, etc., as simple marketing flash points and pass the buck on every trade error or tech related issue that happens on their watch. Our vision, our hope, our goal is to see the marketplace move toward a more transparent and client centric model with pricing that reflects true market conditions, and we are ready to do our part to push this vision out into the FX world.


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