EURGBP – Euro/Pound Weakens After British Prime Minister’s Speech on Brexit – Jan 18th 2017

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After a multi-year run higher, the EUR/GBP topped out in October 2016 and has been trending lower ever since.

In the daily chart below, you will notice two areas that I refer to as event areas (areas where a major price move originated from) that formed as this market changed direction. Note, this market recently experienced a ‘vacuum’ back up to test these ‘event areas’ and sold-off from there today in the wake of the British PM’s speech outlining her plans for Britain’s exit from the European Union.

We now have a confluence (a coming together of supporting evidence) of multiple factors that support our current downward bias under the 0.8850 key resistance area:

An obvious strong resistance area at the previously mentioned event areas which are now containing the market, and an approximate 50% retracement of the initial swing lower, both of which we can see on the chart below.

For sellers, it all depends on the ‘line in the sand’ at 0.8850; if price is contained below that level, we expect the market to trade lower. We are looking to be sellers on any temporary strength, and we would hold sell positions until a strong break or close back above the 0.8850. Our downside target is down near previous support around 0.8340 initially, possibly lower if the bears remain in control.

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