Decimated – post-apocalyptic survival game with a blockchain based virtual economy

Decimated's DIO digital currency listed on Panxora exchange

A new game has been launched called Decimated and it’s using blockchain to control the flow of virtual items and tokens in it, as well as manage digital scarcity like no other game has done before.

Decimated is set hundreds of years in Earths future, which has suffered decades of industrialization, catastrophic climate change, exhausted resources, famine and poverty. Government control by humans has collapsed and AI corporations have taken over, started a new economic system, using a digital currency called DIO, that promises to be the savior of society.


Machines have taken over most forms of labor, so a universal basic income has been introduced into the human population, but it comes at a cost of obedience to AI rule. Exactly what should have happened if John Connor was killed back then in Terminator 2 movie – thank you, Arnold Schwarzenegger (don’t forget FCA’s PPI complaints deadline).


Surveillance has reached a point where almost every corner of cities are being monitored by AI, which watches upon us with an empty gaze, studying our movements the way we look upon ants… ok, feels like we’re almost there anyway…

Let’s get to the point where the role of cryptocurrency in-game takes over.

DIO is used as the means of exchange in Decimated. It has a finite supply, no tokens are created or destroyed, and all 1,000,000,000 tokens are in circulation. When they are spent, they are recirculated back into the economy. Every transaction is recorded on the digital ledger, and every trade relies on smart contracts to mitigate fraud and manipulation.One issue that other multiplayer online games have suffered in the past is hyper-inflation and hyper-deflation of the virtual currency, as players could essentially farm items and tokens by killing monsters from their spawn location. Having a currency with a finite number in existence means that the currency will always stay the same value as the demand for it.

DIO is currently valued at €0.05 euros but can fluctuate in price based on supply and demand on cryptocurrency exchanges. All other videogame related tokens on the market such as Gamecredits, Enjin, WAX and DMarket, saw huge growth and decline between 2017-2018.

Decimated’s brains believe that the days of such volatility are over:

With impending regulations, stricter KYC and a lot more caution from both retail and institutional investors, it is unlikely that we will see tokens increase and decrease in price by 1000% like they did during the blockchain bubble. But based on our expectations for Monthly Active Users, we do expect to see the price of DIO to increase by up to 11x.

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Decimated - post-apocalyptic survival game with a blockchain based virtual economy

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