Founded: 2012
Regulated In: CySEC (Cyprus)
Based In: Limassol, Cyprus
Bonus: Available for professional clients only
Equity Capital: N/A
Monthly Volume: N/A
Platforms: MT4, MT5, R Trader, RAMM, MT4 MultiTerminal, RoboMarkets WebTRADER, MetaQuotes WebTRADER, RoboMarkets Android MT4, RoboMarkets iOS MT4, MetaQuotes Android MT4, MetaQuotes iOS MT4, MetaQuotes Android MT5, MetaQuotes iOS MT5
Partner Programs:

RoboMarkets CPA

Receive Commission for Active Clients – 300€ per client

How does the CPA program work?

You Attract Potential Clients

Register as a RoboMarkets Affiliate, choose any type of marketing material in your Members Area, and post it on any of your chosen online medium.

Clients Start Trading

The Clients brought in through your link start trading with either a real or demo account right away. We do our best to make trading on RoboMarkets platforms interesting and engaging for both professionals and less experienced traders.

Receive your Commission

As soon as a client invests 500 EUR or more and trades, you earn 300 EUR! You can withdraw your commission using over 20 methods available. Accumulate 1,000 EUR of commission and you can proceed with your first withdrawal. All subsequent withdrawals can be proceeded without limitations.

RoboMarkets was Established in 2012 and received a license of a European broker in 2013. RoboMarkets is regulated by the CySEC, license No. 191/13.

The Company has grown rapidly in the past years and now provides professional services for institutional and retail clients from Europe. RoboMarkets is a multi-asset broker offering 8 asset types and more than 11,000 instruments for trading. Apart from this, our clients get access to the professional trading platforms and cutting-edge proprietary technologies. RoboMarkets Multilingual Customer support works 24/7 and is ready to serve you at any time.

RoboMarkets is registered as a legal investment company in 29 European countries. Also, the Company is a member of the Investment Compensation Fund of Cyprus. The purpose of the fund is to provide insured clients of the companies registered in the CySEC with compensation payments if the companies aren’t able to pay them on their own. In these cases, the compensation may be up to 20,000 euros.