JFD Brokers

CEO: Lars Gottwik
Founded: 2011
Regulated In: CySEC (Cyprus)
Based In: Limassol, Cyprus
Bonus: N/A
Equity Capital: N/A
Monthly Volume: N/A
Platforms: MetaTrader 5+, MetaTrader 4+, MT4+ WebTrader, Guidants
Partner Programs:

Offers Prime Brokerage, White Label, and Gateway services through JFD Prime.

JFD Group was founded in 2011 by professional traders to address the lack of transparency affecting trading. Fairness is one of our core values, and we believe everybody has the right to a just fair and direct treatment, whether they are an employee, a client or a partner. Based on the belief that transparency and a direct approach is key to a win-win relationship, we operate a pure Agency Model, where we have effectively managed to establish a unique virtuous cycle where your success becomes our success! So far, we have established ourselves as game-changers in the industry, providing a new trader-centric standard. As we enter a new era of trading, JFD will continue to leverage from the latest business and technology transformations globally in order to innovate further and lead by example.


Transparency – It’s time for a new, more sophisticated way of investing. We not only abide by international regulatory standards, but we are the only broker that goes the extra mile, providing its clients upon request with a Post-Trade Execution Report. In fact, we pioneered Post-Trade Transparency, setting a new industry benchmark!

Trust – We build solid relationships with our clients and partners, where they feel secure trading with us, as they know that their success is our success. You can rest assured that we are in this business to protect your interests, and your funds, and that we truly are what we stand for: just fair and direct.

Trader-Centric – We believe that retail traders are as valuable as institutional traders, and they deserve the same benefits. We treat everybody fairly: when you trade with our pure Agency Model, there is no conflict of interest and no discrimination – our trading conditions are the same for all clients, with one account type and one pricing for all.