Exclusive: CEO Dimitris Hatzis talks about the new IronX Exchange

Exclusive: CEO Dimitris Hatzis talks about the new IronX Exchange

LeapRate Exclusive… IronX, the new crypto exchange joint venture between global online broker IronFX Group and EmurgoHK, creator of the Cardano Blockchain, has been awarded full regulatory license approval by the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) back in September 2018. Right after, the exchange appointed Dimitris Hatzis as their Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

The IronX Exchange has recently announced that it has raised more than $26 million via its IRX token sale.

Dimitris Hatzis joins LeapRate today to clarify what to expect from the new exchange.

LR: Hi, Dimitris and thank you for joining us today. We all know that secure exchanges are better. How safe is the exchange’s website and server?

Dimitris Hatzis
Dimitris Hatzis

Dimitris: At IronX we assume that ineffective regulation and a general lack of security are the main factors which have prevented investors from fully embracing cryptocurrencies. The blockchain technology is gaining popularity, first of all, because of its safety. We stood back, took a holistic look at the crypto industry and identified the glaring need for a fully regulated and secure solution for the existing and potential contributors. This is essential for our clients to be protected. That is why we first started our project by inviting the best industry experts and advisors, obtained the Estonian FIU regulatory license, passed the security audit processes and only after the finalisation of these processes, we announced the official beta launch of our platform. The IronX Exchange is fully regulated and security audited by Hacken, the IRX token Smart Contracts are security audited by Hosho and Hacken, both leaders in blockchain security. We have also ensured the safety of our platform and online resources by attracting experienced professionals to our significant IT crypto infrastructure, platform and web development team. Furthermore, the IronX Exchange has the solid backing of the global multi-asset broker, IronFX and the leaders in blockchain development, creators of the Cardano and the highly successful ADA Coin, EmurgoHK. We have implemented the best from the blockchain technologies, back office and customer support, account funding and online security from our partners.

LR: How is the liquidity?

Dimitris: The liquidity of the exchange will be ensured by a multitude of benefits for IRX holders; we will offer significant discounts and advantages to them. Also, IronX will provide a user-friendly joint ecosystem with the IronFX platform which will allow the possibility to migrate the traditional accounts into the IronX platform. This means that the 1,2 million retail client database of the IronFX Group will have the direct access to the exchange, and vice versa. Let`s keep in mind, that the Forex market has the deepest liquidity available globally. Our strong partnership with EmurgoHK, allowing us to expect the Cardano ecosystem users will also join the IronX platform and enjoy its numerous advantages. Besides, we have recently raised $26,319,447 through our token sale which is a massive success for the crypto market nowadays, with hundreds of exchanges and coins mushrooming on a monthly basis. We can also confirm that the ADA and the PMA tokens would be listed on the IronX Exchange from the first day of its launch, amongst a total of 11 cryptocurrencies and 3 FIAT. We will be launching 25 crypto crosses.

LR: What are the exchanges fees?

Dimitris: Exchange platforms charge different types of fees while providing exchange services. Such fees are usually imposed on deposits and withdrawals as well as on the trading activity. The most common trading fees are called `Maker` and `Taker`. A maker fee is imposed to traders who provide liquidity in the market i.e. by placing limit orders (Buy or Sell). The IronX Exchange`s Maker Fee is as low as 0.20%. A taker fee is imposed to traders who place market orders (Buy or Sell) which are executed against limit orders in the order book. The IronX Exchange`s Taker Fee is as low as 0.28%. Hence we believe our fees are very competitive. In addition, users can pay various fees charged by the exchange in IRX tokens and benefit from 50%, 30% and 10% discounts on payments via IRX in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year of operations, respectively. Services including account management, market updates, marketing bonuses and possibility to vote for the new listings on the exchange will also apply to the IRX holders depending on the number of their contributions.

LR: How is IronX customer support?

Dimitris: At IronX we are proud of our customer support. Taking the best from the IronFX Group team, IronX is offering experienced, multilingual customer support with coverage in over 30 languages. Our dedicated team is currently handling the IronX Exchange’s Official group in Telegram, which has circa 45k users.

LR: What trading pairs are available?

Dimitris: This will be announced upon the official launch of the exchange. There is no official date yet.

LR: How many different payment options does IronX have?

Dimitris: The backing of the IronFX Group ensures our direct access to the top-tier banking and payment provider institutions, allowing the IronX Exchange to enable both fiat and crypto funding options.

LR: Is IronX beginner friendly?

Dimitris: IronX is created with each type of trader in mind. For the beginners, we are offering fiat funding options, 24/7 multilingual support, personal account management and the user-friendly platform. For both traditional and professional traders, we are providing a unique ecosystem which is allowing to trade over 200 tradable instruments available at the IronX and IronFX trading platforms.

LR: Why use IronX?

Dimitris: The crypto market is highly competitive, and not all exchanges are made equal, whether it is the platform they offer for trading, their security protocols or the number of currencies they list. The main factors we are uniquely combining under one single umbrella are proper regulation, highly scrutinised and continuous platform security, easy entrance for the beginners, options for the traditional traders, deep liquidity, customer support excellence, and an enlarged ecosystem for all traders (IRX holders or not) combined with IronFX platform accessibility. Today, we are preparing the product which will combine all mentioned in a single, user-friendly platform. We are sure that both IRX holders and the general crypto and online trading community will notice the appearance of the high-quality solution which IronX presents in the market.

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Exclusive: CEO Dimitris Hatzis talks about the new IronX Exchange

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