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FX companies in Eastern Europe hopeful for steady growth in Russia and the CIS region

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It was about time to have a single framework to access EU wide information through a single resource

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The regulatory system allowing financially regulated companies to register cross-border in the EU has UK players worried.

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  • Steve Massey says #
    Steve Massey
    Having spent over a decade detailing with International compliance matters I understand and share the concerns of the UK FX broker
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Aston Markets, based in Bulgaria, claims to be licensed by CySEC but apparently isn't and never was.

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  • Yehuda Leon says #
    I worked there and saw the way...
    Hello, ladies and gentleman, I found this forum searching on Google and I have some important informations about this company: My
  • Fadi says #
    It seems a scum company with f...
    There are couple of court cases against them on FPA site, see link below. http://www.forexpeacearmy.com/forex-forum/open-cases/
  • Mr. Stanev says #
    Aston Client
    I have been trading with Aston for the last 3 months, actually from day one I understand that they are Business introduce for Tra
  • Gerald Segal says #
    RE:Aston Client
    Thanks Mr. Stanev, we appreciate your comments. The CySEC circular (and our article) didn't imply that they had wronged any client
  • Ben Ford says #
    RE:RE:Aston Client (past)
    Stanev I am pretty sure I know who you work for, good job standing up for your employer though. Intentinal misrepresentatation, in
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Using the cTrader ECN platform, FxPro moves to be a complete NDD broker.

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FxPro UK Ltd can now hold client money and act as principal.

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  • Guest says #
    Binary Options is a scam
    Hey Gerald, saw ur post and thought I should comment, the binary oprions industry is a scam and they have to be eliminated. It is
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