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Research by Fideres has encompassed price action around the London fix in 6 major dollar crosses

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Barclays Margin FX exit is just the latest in a string including Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs...

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  • sonia K says #
    Because to make the serious money that attracted them (the Banks) to the idea in the first place they need behave like bucketshops
  • Caroline says #
    Banks are in the business of m...
    If banks are in the business of making money and they tried this and quit. One reason, they are not making money. That is my theor
  • Gerald Segal says #
    RE:Banks are in the business o...
    Good point Caroline. At the end of the day this is about money and profits, and clearly the banks weren't getting it done. But the
  • Tim McLachlan says #
    Big Banks
    The truth is there are a number of factors.....reputational risk is an element - dbfx was not allowed to sell in Germany for that
  • Soren Lanng says #
    Lack of product planning
    The answer to this question is quite simple, and related to industrial strategic product planning. The product the big banks are
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Barclays Margin FX clients being encouraged to move to FXCM.

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  • John says #
    Details on EMIR
    Could leaprate please publish a detailed article on EMIR rules 1) so we can understand more clearly as to what these rules are 2
  • Gerald Segal says #
    RE:Details on EMIR
    Hi John. We just posted an article with more details on EMIR - please see
  • Raju says #
    Malta ? cypruss?
    does this apply to broker regulated in Malta / cypruss also?
  • Gerald Segal says #
    RE:Malta ? cypruss?
    Yes, Raju. EMIR will apply to ALL European brokers offering derivatives trading.
  • John says #
    What about other brokerages?
    What about the other brokerages operating across Europe? Would like to see more clarity on this.
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The bank failed to keep some instant messages from Bloomberg Terminals, FX fix investigations related?

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Global financial regulators get another bank on board to help them assess the London foreign exchange fix fairness.

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ICAP being investigated for possible role in helping banks in their efforts to rig interest rates.

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Barclays will white label FXCM for retail FX.

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  • Jon says #
    You say Barclays does retail F...
    I don't think they do.
  • Gerald Segal says #
    RE:You say Barclays does retai...
    See pg 14 of Saxo Bank's 2010 annual report
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