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2013 was a nice comeback year for retail forex volume metrics, up more than 20% over 2012.

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SpotOption Director of Marketing Tammy Levy discusses the binary business model, industry saturation, forex brokers launching binaries, and more.

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  • D.S says #
    Thank you SpotOption
    Hi, We've established a European Binary Options business venture, powered by SpotOption solution, very recently. Yes, the road i
  • John says #
    A mere PR article
    Tammy seems to be living in some kind of bubble. Let's dispel some myths. Not overcrowded: Indeed for Spotoption to call it overc
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Special Report – LeapRate is working with MAP S.Platis on its MAP-ERS EMIR reporting solution. Are you ready for EMIR?

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  • Bogdan says #
    Is there something for me, the...
    Just explain me without fancy terms - what's in it for me ? Is this only an internal thing between the brokerage and the regulator
  • Gerald Segal says #
    RE:Is there something for me, ...
    Hi Bogdan. This is certainly more of an issue for brokers than for traders. Which derivatives and products are offered by brokers
  • Bogdan says #
    RE:RE:Is there something for m...
    I got answer from MFSA, stating that LGA authorized companies will be in a transitional period until March 31, but that doesn't gi
  • Ads says #
    RE:RE:RE:Is there something fo...
    Will this new EMIR regulation introduce a more fair trading environment for us ? No it has nothing to do with that at all. It is
  • John says #
    Define "Forex, CFDs or Binary ...
    Thanks for providing more info. But what's still not clear is 'WHO' does this apply to and raises some questions 1. EMIR applies
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Exness nearly doubles its 2012 volumes in 2013, as it joins the 'major league' of large global retail forex brokers.

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  • Curious says #
    Volume region
    Do most of their volume come from China or Russia since it is russian-owned I assume? What countries focus do they have in far eas
  • Gerald Segal says #
    RE:Volume region
    Good question, Curious. They are indeed strong in Russia, but Russia/CIS probably represents a small portion of their volumes, les
  • Pete Taylor says #
    Wow...that is crazy volume ! I am thinking of trying them out..they must be doing something right.. Here is a detailed listing of
  • Gerald Segal says #
    Yes, they've grown nicely indeed! As far as what they're doing right, some of the feedback we've received is that they have a clea
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Raaflaub oversaw the requirement of Swiss Forex brokers to receive a bank license, reshaping the industry.

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  • Laurent Bellières says #
    Correction about minimum capit...
    To the best of my knowledge the following quote contains mistakes: "One of the first changes enacted by FINMA under Raaflaub was
  • Gerald Segal says #
    RE:Correction about minimum ca...
    Thanks for the clarification Laurent. As you pointed out, and as we wrote in the article, in practice FINMA requires more than the
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KVB shares (HKG:8077) are still trading below their July 2013 IPO price.

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IG is eyeing the opening of a Switzerland office in 2014.

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CFTC monthly November data show a further 4% decline in client assets held by US forex brokers.

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Overall, FXCM retail volumes were up 14% and institutional volumes 72% (!!) in 2013.

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Barclays Margin FX clients being encouraged to move to FXCM.

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  • John says #
    Details on EMIR
    Could leaprate please publish a detailed article on EMIR rules 1) so we can understand more clearly as to what these rules are 2
  • Gerald Segal says #
    RE:Details on EMIR
    Hi John. We just posted an article with more details on EMIR - please see
  • Raju says #
    Malta ? cypruss?
    does this apply to broker regulated in Malta / cypruss also?
  • Gerald Segal says #
    RE:Malta ? cypruss?
    Yes, Raju. EMIR will apply to ALL European brokers offering derivatives trading.
  • John says #
    What about other brokerages?
    What about the other brokerages operating across Europe? Would like to see more clarity on this.
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