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Lower revenues and profits should not have been a surprise, however market was spooked somewhat by FXCM's $15 million regulatory reserve.

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The new service will initially offer FX NDFs out to two years for buy-side clients, via three FCMs.

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Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) will need to trade up more than 60% on Thursday for greymarket traders to make money.

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After revenues drop 27% in Q3 at Monex, things are even slower in October.

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  • Ross Jaklik says #
    Ross Jaklik
    It's certainly not April 2013, but those volumes are still within the median range.
  • Gerald Segal says #
    RE:Ross Jaklik
    Median of what???? October volumes, like at Monex's Japanese rival GMO Click (
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October volume metrics of $597 billion at Japan's largest retail forex broker are down 6% from September.

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As we previously reported, Binary Options and Forex brokers continue to flock to Cyprus.

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MIG Bank brand will disappear, as Swissquote (SWX:SQN) Q3 report provides more insight into the acquisition of its Swiss rival.

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  • Andre Latigan says #
    Did the MIG Bank client list influence the Purchase Price? What gives MIG Bank the right to transfer personal data of all their c
  • Gerald Segal says #
    Good question Andre. I don't think specifics of the client list were that important, as opposed to getting the total sum of client
  • Guest says #
    Guest 10
    thanks alot for the full details
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Twitter is expected to price its IPO later this week, greymarket pegs $22-$23 billion valuation.

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The US Government shutdown, combined with industry pressure, leads the CFTC to be more flexible with SEFs.

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