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MediaGroup London's Bart Burggraaf looks at real-time bidding as a method by which FX brokers could efficiently fine-tune their cost model when purchasing advertising space for banner placements

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KCG's Forex ECN unit KCG Hotspot has another good month, FX trading volumes up 6% over February and 18% over last year.

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Binary firm chooses to move ahead unregulated, how will traders react?

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Following the recent implementation of new rulings by the New Zealand FMA, the gateway to the Asia Pacific region has widened further. Jake Amar, CEO and Co-founder of Mercer FX talks best execution, investment in bespoke solutions, client loyalty and the future of retail FX brokers as bona fide financial institutions

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America's mandatory exchange-traded binary options business made substantial progress in the inaugural months of 2014 as NADEX releases quarterly results

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Uncertainty has followed last year's soaring values and unprecedented demand in the aftermath of MtGox demise, with BTC values falling below $400 for the first time since last November. Would reviving MtGox be a very risky business?

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On a day equity markets were down big, retail forex and CFD broker Plus500 sets another all-time high.

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The broker will offer DMA to IEX on its award-winning online trading platform, SaxoTrader

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Could KCG be taking the long term view by hanging onto its ECN despite another year in the red?

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